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a song for my friend <3

Tracklist for R.E.D - The First Mini-Album

1. SS501 - Love Ya (REDStrings Remix)
2. T-Ara - Day By Day (RED Remix)
3. U-Kiss - Neverland (REDBand Remix)
4. - Top Girl (RED Remix)
5. Dalmatian - E.R (RED Remix)
6. IU - You And I (RED Remix)

I hope this is up to everyone’s expectations. I actually spent alot of time thinking about what songs to do, and I figured I’d pick some of the most popular hits through the past few years :)
My personal favorite track on this album would have to be the Strings Remix of Love Ya 

Hey guys, I’m releasing my first album soon, it’s gonna be available for download on mediafire. I figured the best way to be recognized would be starting with the basics and doing things people know So “R.E.D -The First Mini-Album” is a collection of Six of my own instrumental remixes to Kpop songs. I will release the tracklist in my next post :)
I hope you all enjoy it when I release it! I plan to release it in the end of August or early september!

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Kodachi is my fursona, and the girl is Delilah, his doll ^^MASTEEEER SPARK! 

Kodachi is my fursona, and the girl is Delilah, his doll ^^


A mix for my aunt ^^

My A Capella teaser for “I Told You I Want To Die”






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